Dr. Myriah Hinchey Owner & Co-Founder
of Lymecore Botanicals - Natural Herbal Medicine for Supporting Lyme Disease Treatment


My Story

About 9 years ago I developed severe joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, ice pick headaches, confusion, and felt like I was falling asleep while driving

I was diagnosed with Lyme, babesia, bartonella.

It turns out I probably had Lyme and bartonella since I was a young girl. 

But getting infected with a new case of babesia was the straw that broke the Camel’s back. 

I saw several LLMDs and after taking 18 months of different combinations of antibiotics and antiparasitic drugs, my symptoms were mostly resolved. 

However, every time I stopped taking the antibiotics, I would relapse with severe symptoms within a couple weeks.

I was struggling to see real permanent results. 

One night I woke up at 3am with my typical insomnia, thinking that I was going to die! 

There's no way that this was just Lyme disease. 

I must have brain cancer or something else going on. 

--I began thinking about a girl I treated when I was in medical school.

She had chronic Lyme disease and Babesia and had failed over 6 months IV antibiotic treatment.

She was in her early 20s, had headaches, confusion, severe joint pain to the point she had to walk with a cane and had bright red cheeks, ears and nose that would flush to a beat red color with her flare ups. 

I spent 8 months, treating her with various Chinese herbs and fever treatments, and she said she got more relief in that amount of time than with any of her infectious disease docs.

This was my undeniable introduction to the fact that Lyme disease did not have the cut and dry diagnosis and treatment that we were ALL taught in medical school. 

Because of that experience, it has always been on my radar that Lyme disease was often misdiagnosed and is the great imitator.

So I got up out of bed at that moment and started searching for “natural/ herbal treatment of Lyme disease”.

It was right then that I found Stephen Buhner! 

He happened to be having a conference in nearby MA within the next month. 

And it was his last one. 

I signed up for his conference, ordered and read his book healing Lyme (twice) and began to follow his protocols.

At that conference, I ran into Frank who was also dealing with the same issues. 

It took about 6 months but I was finally able to stop taking antibiotics without relapsing.

I immediately began to incorporate the herbs into my patients protocols at my practice and saw that my patients were having a quicker resolution of symptoms using integrative approach versus just using antibiotics alone.

To this day I have remained symptom free.

Enough so that I finally felt comfortable getting pregnant at 40 years old and we now have a healthy boy, Everett.

Before Everett, I was obsessed with making sure that I didn't have Lyme so that when I got pregnant I would not have a baby with congenital Lyme and all of the different things that it can cause. That's why Everett doesn't eat gluten or dairy.  

Lymecore’s Story

I created Lymecore along with my partner, Dr. Frank Aieta seven years ago shortly after the Buhner’s seminar we attended because both of us were struggling to treat our patients. 

The problem was, our supply of botanicals was not steady, and often went on backorder. 

During this time of using herbal treatments one of the main trusted sources of cat's claw, Rain Tree botanicals went out of business. 

This left us scrambling for products that we actually believed in and trusted.

  • Products that were free of pesticides, bacteria, mold and heavy metals.
  • Products that we believed were just what they said they were. 

So we created Lymecore Botanicals to make sure that our patients never had to worry about their medicines going on backorder.

We decided to begin the manufacturing process to control the purity, potency and consistency of our patients medicine and be able to provide a steady supply of it for them.

In our quest, I corresponded with Stephen Buhner and he decided that I knew enough of what I was talking about to list me on his Lyme literate referral page of his website. Where my practice is still listed under Connecticut. 


My name got out there. 

I want to take a minute to thank Stephen Buehner for all of his work and studies and the books that he's written because, without him, I never would have learned how to do all of this. 

And I’d like to also thank Dr. Elias for his work with modified citrus pectin.

I began to get calls from patients who wanted to be treated herbally for Lyme disease. 

At first, I tried to persuade them each to use the integrative approach but several refused stating they had done years of single or combination or IV antibiotics and they only wanted herbs while the rest agreed to integrative treatment. 

Over the course of about two years, I had two groups of patients that were formed…. A self selected group of patients who did herbs and lifestyle modification and another that were doing integrative approach (herbs, lifestyle, antibiotics). 

Over the course of time, most of the patients who were doing herbs only got to the point of being sx free for 2 months, then stopped taking the herbs and did not relapse.

Whereas the group doing integrative tx was either not sx free yet or was relapsing or was stopping antibiotics and transitioning to herbs only—and then getting better. 

It seemed that even those who were sx free needed to transition onto herbs for a period of 6 months to a year before being able to wean without relapse. 

This was my ah ha moment.

It seemed that the patient couldn’t heal and recover and rebuild their immune system to the point that could either keep the remaining bacteria suppressed or completely irradicate it (no one knows the answer for sure) without healing their gut. 

70% of the immune system resides in the gut so it makes sense. 

How can you heal your gut while you are taking antibiotics that are destroying the microbiome??

From this point on – unless the patient has a new infection—we start with herbs. IF the patient is 25 % better in 90 days—we continue.

Most patients come in thinking that they are simply trading Prescription antibiotics for herbal antibiotics—wanting to know the protocol.

[Not sure this part is necessary now] In my decade plus experience treating Lyme and TBD, I have spanned the full spectrum of diagnosis and treatment of lyme--  in the beginning, I was diagnosing and referring patients out to ILADS LLMDs for combination antibiotic treatment to several years in I began participating in integrative treatment with antibiotics and herbs---several years later, treating solely with herbs – and currently, for the past 3-4 years, focusing on healing the body and making it inhospitable to infection using herbs, nutrition and mindfulness.

I do not have a protocol as a doctor or as the owner LymeCore Botanicals.

I have an approach.

My approach is to understand the pathophysiology of each infection, how it thrives, how it manipulates the human body to work for it – breaks down collagen for food, tricks and uses the immune system to work for it instead of against it and hides as a stealth bacteria. 

Every herb that I use is matched up to the exact pathophysiological process that we are trying to inhibit therefore making the patient inhospitable to the infection and the infection easier to eliminate.

Killing pathogenic microbes is only about 25% of my approach. 

The other 75% is focused on: 

  • identifying all internal and external sources of inflammation
  • internal and external sources of immunosuppression 
  • immune distraction and autoimmunity 
  • internal and external triggers of compromised detoxification

As it is these things that create a hospitable environment and allow the infection to thrive. All are intertwined – all must be corrected to heal the body from the infection.

My focus on making the body inhospitable and using botanicals to heal the body along with using the antibacterial, anti parasitic, antifungal, antiviral, botanicals. 

Healing Lyme disease is not just killing bacteria. 

And that's what a lot of people focus on. 

They focus on killing the bacteria, not healing the patient. 

The Problem With Not Healing The Patient Is...

Lyme causes this shitstorm inside of the patient's body that is so bad that even if you kill all the bacteria, the body struggles to recover and rebuild. 

The focus has to be on recovery of all of the cells. 

All of the systems, and all of the functionality of the body and not just on killing organisms. 

And no you can't recover the person without killing organisms. 

But you also can't kill the organisms fully, because they hide, without fully recovering the cells and the systems of the body.

Lymecore Botanicals Now

Not only are we a company that supplies a full arsenal for patients and doctors to treat someone for Lyme and tick borne diseases completely without using any pharmaceuticals, but we also have niche products that were developed to solve a problem. 

And that's what I think is key. 

Creating Our Tick Bite Formula

I got up at four o'clock in the morning with a bug in my ass to make this deer tick bite formula.

I spent all morning researching the actual mechanism of action of what happens when the tick bites you.

  • What happens when the spirochete enters the body? 
  • How does the spirochete adhere to the cell? 
  • How does it penetrate the cell? 
  • What are the chemical reactions that happen? 

And then I research the herbs that inhibited those actions. 

So that's how I built my formula.

This is a niche product for whether you use antibiotics or don't use antibiotics 

Most doctors don't want to just stick someone on antibiotics as soon as they get called with a tick bite because you don't know if that tick had anything.

You don't know how long the tick was there for and there are certain risks to the antibiotics and they're over prescribed. 

A lot of doctors are very cautious. 

This Tick Bite Formula is something that no matter whether you're an herbalist or a straight shooting conventional doctor, or Joe Schmo,  you can take this protocol to literally inhibit the contraction of the disease, while you're sending your tick out and waiting the three days to get the results back to see if your tick test positive for something or not. 

And it's safe to continue while you're on antibiotics, should your tick come back positive and you actually need to take the antibiotics. 

There's no contraindications with antibiotics. They work synergistically. 

It's not redundant, because I'm not giving herbs that act as antibiotics. 

Tick Bite Formula Herbs:

  • Literally shut down the cytokine storm
  • Shut down the spirochete’s ability to liquefy the collagen and feed 
  • Shut down actual adhesion to the cell in the first place. 

It was kind of like this lightbulb moment.

Anybody and everybody could use this and it's not a redundant thing. 

Our Herx formula

Herxing is a huge issue whether you're using antibiotics or whether you're using herbal antibiotics, and to my knowledge, there aren't any other Herx formulas out there. 

That's huge.

No other line company or doctors are really using something like G3M.


  • Helps to heal the gut
  • Helps to preserve the collagen
  • Helps to bind endotoxins 
  • Helps you to detox 
  • Helps to protect the endothelial cells 
  • Helps to detox heavy metals, which Lyme sequesters and builds their biofilms from.
  • It also breaks down biofilms. 

And that's another very niche product that could be used, whether somebody is using antibiotics, or not using antibiotics. 

Those three products are something that one would use, no matter what the approach or the thought processes on the scale of conventional all the way to alternative medicine when it comes to treating Lyme and tick borne illness.

These are the things that we have to offer that solve the problem that everybody treating Lyme has.

Lymecore Botanicals also now makes all of our tinctures in-house.

At the beginning, we were outsourcing the tincture making portion of our company.
Now, we have brought the tincture making process in house. 

  • Not only to offer competitive wholesale prices

  • But also to make sure that we can stick to one of our founding principles of always having a steady supply for our patients.

In addition to my busy practice, I am also personally sourcing the raw materials to make our tinctures and handling the testing processes as well to make sure that our products aren't only what they say they are, but also don't contain any contaminants that would make our patients sicker. 

[*Dr. Alexis Chesney's,who's on the board of Ilads, deer tick bite formula. Her talk “Eradicating Lyme through prevention”]

LymeCore's mission is to provide safe, reliable, potent formulas that solve common complications of Lyme treatment, minimize symptoms of Lyme while healing the entire body from lyme and TBD.